Element Wing Tsun; A Premier Martial Arts School Located Near Fort Lee NJ

See for yourself the amazing benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Wing Tsun (also spelled wing chun and ving tsun) is known as one of the world's most effective martial arts and self-defense systems! 

At our school, you will be learning an authentic martial art that is applicable to real-life scenarios. But training Wing Tsun is also about so much more than self-defense. Its benefits are further reaching and relevant to your daily life than you could ever imagine. Experience heightened self-confidence that translates into every aspect of your life from the workplace to social situations, laser-like focus and stress relief that actually works, gain the self-discipline you've always wanted, and create for yourself a permanent health & fitness solution. Training wing chun can give you all of this and so much more!


Fort Lee, NJ is a short 25 minute drive from our school via Route 9w North and is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. 

By car you can take Route 9w North/Sylvan Ave and make a left onto Closter Dock Road Continue onto Harrington Ave, make a slight left onto Knickerbocker Rd and immediate left onto Closter Rd. Take the very next left on Schraalenburgh, right on Elm, cross the train tracks, and left on La Roche Ave. The martial arts school is located directly across the street from St. Andrews church. There is plenty of street parking and a small parking lot in the rear of the school.

Telephone: 201-767-4391  


112b La Roche Ave. Harrington Park, NJ 07640

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