Hong Kong Flight Attendants are Taught Wing Tsun for Self-Defense

Did you know that cabin crews of Hong Kong Airlines are taught martial arts to defend themselves and other passengers in the event of an aggressive situation? And the martial arts of choice - Wing Tsun, of course!

Katherine Cheung of the Wing Chun Union in Wan Chai said: "We teach them self-defence movements to deal with unruly passengers. It's about how to subdue somebody. The advantage of that is that you don't have to be very strong."

The efficiency and effectiveness of Wing Tsun make it the perfect martial art for the situation. Wing Tsun is not about superfluous movements or impossible acrobatics, it is about realistic self-defense and mitigating potentially dangerous situations.

We definitely applaud these flight attendants and Hong Kong airlines for thinking of such a proactive solution to dealing with aggressive passengers.

Are you interested in trying out Wing Tsun for yourself? Sign up for our Introductory Class and see for yourself why Wing Tsun is such a highly regarded martial art!

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