The Long Journey to Sifu

Hello, my name is Barry, I'm the guy who never grew up...I like to tell people this because after graduating high school, in all my 18yr. old wisdom, I decided to move to NYC and become a jazz musician. Clearly, I'm a person who chases dreams and doesn't really think about the economic parts of the equation. Luckily, I had moderate success touring with various orchestras and freelancing quite a bit in the city. I was fortunate to travel quite extensively, meet new and interesting people, and was able to afford some extracurricular activities.

On my 26th birthday I wanted to give myself a present that would fulfill a few of my dreams/goals. Firstly, I have always been a huge fan of Bruce Lee and martial arts flicks in general, so wanting to learn kung fu and be like Bruce Lee came very naturally. Second, somewhere between traveling in Europe/Asia, jet lag, being cool (at least I thought), and late nights drinking, I picked up the habit of smoking rolled cigarettes with no filter, I desperately wanted to stop (I actually quit about 8x but it didn't take). Third, I was a gym rat, with big muscles, no flexibility, limited range of motion, and couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in both hands.

Thank goodness for YouTube and Google!

After some research on Google, into what was the first style of martial arts Bruce Lee learned I found Wing Chun. I had never heard of Wing Chun, I thought it would be a bunch of Chinese guys flying around kicking each other in the air. I watched various videos of guys pushing each other around, doing fancy kicks, blocking kicks with shin pads, and other things that I thought were way to impractical for someone to use on the street. Boom! That's when I found it, a really simple video from City Wing Tsun. Short, sweet, and straight to the point. I signed up for an intro lesson for the next day and became a Sifu that very next week.



No, but seriously, the quality of instruction, school atmosphere, and other students made me fall in love with the art. So now that my life has changed drastically for mostly the better, loving wife, two kids, career playing trombone in the West Point Army band, and free of smoking, I became a Sifu at the age of 34, I'm 38 now and truly believe Wing Tsun has been a corner stone of my success. I'm totally in love with the Art and it's my goal to share it with as many people as possible. This is my first blog post, would love to share and convey my thoughts about Wing Tsun, my journey, and crazy little things that happen in my world. Hope you enjoy.

Sifu Barry

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