The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Adult Martial Arts Training

In the age of vast amounts of information at your fingertips, on demand products and services that can be delivered at a moment’s notice from a click of a button, and plenty of boutique gyms to get you in shape why even learn Martial Arts?

Martial Arts take 1-2 years to just become proficient and many more years to master. It takes discipline, dedication, and perseverance to not give up. Why even take on a task this difficult? Especially as an adult with a career, family, and social life how could one possibly benefit? For me it's simple balance, focus, and fitness.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. If you train in Martial Arts,it should absolutely be effective in a self-defense situation. But let's be brutally honest with ourselves, it would be super difficult to stay engaged with learning something for longer than 3 months if the focus was so narrow. The first important benefit for me is balance. I'm not only talking about the balance that you get from learning to stand on one leg or do a complicated piece of footwork. The balance that one attains from training is much broader.

The ability to balance the stress that you are put under in class will directly help you balance the stressors that you receive in daily life. Angry bosses, demanding children or spouses, pressures of running a business all have to be balanced. Training martial arts teaches your brain and your body to be relaxed under pressure and think quickly and decisively on your feet.When you meet those failures or setbacks in life you will also know how to balance the hurt or pain, get up, brush yourself off, and continue the fight.

Martial Arts engages your brain in a very unique way. Unlike running, sports and other physical activities, Martial Arts engageyour hands, eyes, breath, and entire body, providing it with theability to control your brain. While you’re learning the curriculum, practicing the techniques or moves, and engaging your partner, your brain is constantly focusing on distance, timing, and the most efficient way to move from A to B.

This type of constant focus in three different realms exercises your focus muscle (brain) so you have less days you feel mentally drained, increasing focus in every activity, and the ability to focus on learning new tasks.

Fitness is an important aspect to any Martial Arts trainingprogram. To be martially fit is a little different from being fit from going to the gym. Most instructors have a wide variety of tools at their disposal that will give the students a great work out that is complimentary to their particular practice. Martial arts not only make you physically stronger, it helps you control your limbs, breath, and mind. Through Martial Arts training, you will get a total body fitness unparalleled to any other fitness training.

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