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Authentic Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Unparalleled Instruction

A school dedicated to teaching martial arts according to the highest standards in a clean, fun and safe environment.

We are a proud member of the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association, the premier source for studying the art of Wing Tsun (also spelled wing chun or ving tsun) Kung Fu.

We'd love to show you what training at our school can do for you.

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Effective Self-Defense From the Very First Lesson!

Wing Tsun is considered one of the most effective styles of martial arts for self-defense worldwide. You will be learning an art that is applicable to real-life scenarios in your very first lesson. In Wing Tsun, you don't have to be training for many years before you learn how to adequately defend yourself!

Discover A Health & Fitness Solution That Actually Works

There's a proven reason why most people don't stick with to their fitness goals. People begin a new fitness regimen when their motivation is high. But motivation isn't a constant and most fitness "solutions" don't address that core issue. True change occurs with consistent repetition of good behaviors - even when motivation wanes. Martial arts addresses this by teaching you self-discipline and at Element, you will have a support system of instructors and fellow students who help you stay on track even when you're having a tough time staying motivated. Let us help you solve your fitness needs once and for all!

Learn Self-Discipline and Gain Balance in Your Life

Self-discipline is what keeps you on track towards achieving your goals. What helps us stay strong in the face of temptation? What allows us to resist succumbing to temporary rewards so we can achieve something bigger and better? Self-discipline. It is the cornerstone of achievement.

But torturing yourself isn't the answer either. Self-discipline isn't about denying yourself fun and joy. Training wing tsun will teach you how to find balance - the ability to make progress towards your goals without resorting to extreme self-deprivation. Balance is about creating a pleasant and sustainable situation for yourself that maximizes your happiness because you're achieving your goals and enjoying yourself in the process.

Experience Heightened Self-Confidence

Whether at work or in your social life, training wing chun will give you a new level of self-confidence. Your ability to stay calm under pressure will increase as you train, and your sense of self-assuredness will become a steadfast part of your existence.

Learn Laser-like Focus & Stress-Relief that Works

Life isn't always as serene as we'd like it to be. The times that require composure and calm reactions are typically the least relaxing and most stressful situations. It is in the face of challenging situations, urgent deadlines and difficult personalities where we benefit the most from our ability to focus, stay calm and make fast, smart decisions. Wing chun is an ancient Chinese art form with a centuries-old, proven track record of giving you the stealth-like focus and ability to stay calm under pressure. Your ability to think clearly, remain unrattled and solve problems will get better, sharper and faster.​ We've experienced it ourselves and are thrilled that we can teach such a valuable skill to our students.

Benefit from our Years of Experience & Excellent Atmosphere

As a member of the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association, we have over 16 years experience training students in the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. As the only North American Athletic Association recognized in Hong Kong, we take great care in providing a level of instruction our students won't find elsewhere. We know the importance and impact a great atmosphere can have on learning and invite you to come and see the difference for yourself.