Training Wing Tsun builds focus, improves concentration and raises efficiency. Our students report and increase in motivation and job performance thanks to their training. Additionally, training Wing Tsun at our school improves interpersonal communication skills. The training method developed by the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association, gives us the know-how and experience to teach our students how to interact without aggression or competitive ego, no matter the stakes. To train correctly means to communicate effectively. This principle applies profoundly to the workplace. Aggression, ego and an inability to cooperate with one's team and coworkers are obstacles standing in the way of progress. Don't let your company fall victim to potentially great employees that have simply developed bad communication habits.

Consistent physical activity improves health, happiness and overall well-being. Your employees will enjoy a better immune system translating into less sick days taken. Training martial arts not only helps relieve illness-causing stress, it helps people learn how to stay calm in stressful situations. We all do our best to maintain a great work atmosphere, but the combination of deadlines and different personalities can create tension. Employees who know how to navigate these situations without letting stress impact their personality and actions are happier, less distracted and overall better at their jobs. Give your employees the opportunity to do something that will help them become the best version of themselves. Give them the chance to train a system designed to unlock their ultimate potential.

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